Our unique mobile event space was designed to help you bring your most creative event ideas to life.

Rustic to modern. Casual to prim and proper. A one-night fundraiser to a year-long concert tour. Whatever theme, style or size of event you have in the works, ALuminous works for you.

Maybe you want to roll out our Airstream in to bring your attendees back to a simpler, more sophisticated time. Throwback waredrobes, craft cocktails and all. Or maybe your event just needs a fun, relaxing escape, rigged with all the latest technology essentials. The experience is yours to create. We just make it easier.

Here's How It Works:

A. You contact us with your preferred dates & venues
B. We email you a rental agreement.  You return the agreement signed with payment
C. Date of event we tow to your venue(s), set up, style & celebrate
D. You enjoy the sparkle, glitz & shine
E. We pack up and roll out.

EASY! Email us at info@aluminous-events.com or give us a call at (843) 819-5859. Please contact us for a quote and availability.

Event rentals are per day, or any portion of a day, and include delivery, leveling, set-up, staffing, portable power and removal. Additional rental equipment is available. Equipment and additions will be added a la’carte upon your event needs.