Our trailers have been modified since they came off the assembly back in the 60's & 70's!  Depending on your venue and it's location, we need at least 12' in height, 10' in width and 32' in length to tow in, park and set up. We also endorse locations that do not exceed more than 5%  pitch in grade.  

Being self-sufficient comes with the territory! We have a 7000 watt whisper quiet Honda generator if by chance your  location/venue does not offer a dedicated 30 amp service with a standard 120volt outlet. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like for us to speak with your event venue on the particulars. We want to be as flexible as possible, but some venues aren't accessible due to certain restrictions. 



Rates & rental Reservations

Our rates, like your event, are customized. Our rental time slots start at 4 hours and does not exceed 12 hours in a given day.  The trailers can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Upon receiving your application, we will send a rental agreement for your review. If everything passes inspection, we request a signed rental agreement along with a 60% deposit to secure your requested dates. Along with the rental deposit, we will also send you a refundable security deposit which will based on the overall rental rate. The remaining rental fee will be due one (1) week prior to your reserved dates. 



Licenses, Permits and R&R

We do not carry a license for liquor or food prep, therefore all food and beverage prep, setup, and service must be provided by the client or catering company. All service amenities including: glassware, serving trays, mixers, containers,  hardware, ice, rags, potable water, trash bags and trash containers are not provided. The client is responsible for all special event permits,  which will allow us to pull in, park, setup and operate our mobile lounge. Due to state and local laws, guests/clients are not allowed to ride in the trailer while it is being towed. Our trailer is not available for any over night accommodations. 


Custom Travel Trailers

We currently have a 1973 31' Airstream travel trailer, equipped with two entry/exit doors, two 15,000 btu AC units, two 80 can beverage coolers, 12.5' counter top, two retail display cabinets, 50" electric fire place, Sony surround sound system, two TV's with dvd and DirecTV compatibility, six phone charging stations, Crosby record player and seating for up to 18 people.  The trailer is 31' long, 8' wide and 10.5 high.  



Our customized 31' Airstream requires a bit of power to enjoy all the fun amenities. In order to plugin and enjoy, the trailer requires a dedicated 30 amp/120volt outlet and needs to be within 50' of the power source. If this is not available at your venue, we have a whisper quiet honda generator to use at no cost. 




We are currently calling the SouthWest our home base for right now and are located in the beautiful and magical city of Santa Fe, NM. We love to wander! If your event happens to be outside our 90 mile radius, of our current location,  additional travel fees will be applied. 



Tour our Trailers

If you happen to be local or stopping through Santa Fe, we are open for showings by appointment only. Please contact us to request a time and day by calling 843.819.5859 or email us at