Every great event needs that one buzzworthy component that makes it special.  A unique experience that brings together friends, family and total strangers alike to have a good time and make unforgettable memories. That sets the trends and gets people talking, tweeting and instagramming. We’ve created that component. And we’re confident it will help put your event in motion. And not just because it’s on wheels.

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Planning An Event? 


Our 1973 31 Airstream trailer has been completely customized as a mobilelounge. This vintage charmer’s been reimagined with wood floors, a top-notch entertainment center, beautiful furnishings and a stylish service bar. We call it The Rolling Social. And we’re almost certain it’ll be the life of your party.


If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet, he said

                                                                                                                                       - Rachel Wolchin

Connecting through exploration and shared experiences.

Our unique mobile event space was designed to help you bring your most creative event ideas to life.

Rustic to modern. Casual to prim and proper. A one-night fundraiser to a year-long concert tour. Whatever theme, style or size of event you have in the works, Aluminous works for you.

Maybe you want to roll out our Airstream in to bring your attendees back to a simpler, more sophisticated time. Throwback waredrobes, craft cocktails and all. Or maybe your event just needs a fun, relaxing escape, rigged with all the latest technology essentials. The experience is yours to create. We just make it easier.